Tope Sax - Christmas Day

Tope Sax Adesanwo popularly known as Tope Sax released his first album in 2005 titled Back to the Hymns and now released a festive song for the holiday season, “Christmas Day“.

In Nigeria, he has collaborated with a huge variety of bands and performers, such as the Patty Band, the Sharp Band, the Shegele Band, the Change Band, Gospel according to Jazz, and the Da outstanding band. Thorpeedoh Band Entertainment is his property.

Boys and Girls Brigade at St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Somolu is where he began his musical career. When he first learned to play the tambourine, he was 4 years old. Since he could play the piano, bass guitar, and drums at that point, he joined Brigade’s choir at the age of nine and, after four years, rose to the position of bandmaster.

Later, he picked up the trumpet, and in 2002 at the RCCG Elim sanctuary, he began playing the saxophone. The same year, he relocated to the Victorious Army Ministry before moving on to the Festac town Foursquare District headquarters, where he continues to serve as an Overcomers Assembly member today.

He has performed at events such as the Citibank end-of-year party, the Union Bank party, the Ford Foundation event, the Heroes Award (Indomie) MTN Family Game show, the Central Bank party, etc. alongside the Sharp Band, Party Band, Shegele Band, etc.

Listen, Download, Share & Enjoy Tope Sax – Christmas Day below:

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