Minister Emo - Akachukwudiya

Inspiring gospel music minister, Minister Emo offers up a brand new song and lyric video tagged “Akachukwudiya.”

Delivered in Igbo language [a language mostly spoken in the Eastern region of Nigeria], the title of the song literally means“Hand of God is in it” upon translation to the English language.

“All God’s doings upon my life is all by His hands and grace, not by power neither by might.” – Emo

“This song is inspired by the Holy Spirit to remind Christian believers of their faith and trust in God, who provides all our needs. We should hope only in Him and without Him we can do nothing, Is not by power neither by might but by the Spirit of God who strengthens us.” – He adds.

“When I discovered that anything I put into God’s hands comes out more prosperous than doing it in my own way my testimony and slogan becomes akachukwudiya (God’s hands is in it). – He concludes.

Gospel songs are one of the tools that lead us directly to God. God Almighty loves His Children when they often Him praise.

Listen, Download, Share & Enjoy Minister Emo – Akachukwudiya below:

Watch video below;

Lyrics: Minister EmoAkachukwudiya

When you see me shining
Know that akachukwudiya
When you see me prospering

Is not by power neither by might
But aka akaya
When you see me testifying

Know that akachukwudiya
When you see me progressing
Is not by power, neither by might

But aka akaya
Aka Jehovah ne nmenma

Aka akaya akachukwudiya
Aka akaya

Aka Jehovah ne nmenma

Your healing hands has healed me
Your blessed hands has blessed me
Your mighty hands has touched me
Turning everything for my good

Ikperem dinana
For what you’ve done for me
I have come to say thank you

Repeat Chorus (2x)

Coda Part:
He’s right here now
Just lift your hands in worship
Raise your voices and say

Akachukwudiya (6x)

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