Kome Jones – Good Work [Mp3 Download + Lyrics]

Kome James - Good Work

Gospel music minister and prolific songwriter, Kome Jones release a new single titled “Good Work“.

Speaking about the song, Kome Jones shared; “God impressed this song on me a few years ago, but recently the Holy Spirit brought back that deep consciousness in my heart, reminding me of the reason I was formed in the very fashion I was created, and how everything about me is God’s Workmanship as written in Ephesians 2:10. So my abilities, my gifts, skills, experiences, pains, victories, lessons, and everything is to culminate into bringing God pleasure by how we manifest in our world.”

This song “Good Work” is my response to God’s promptings, His word, His will, and His ways. It is my personal pledge and my serenade, that’s why the music would move you in many ways, literally and emotionally. The melody, the words, that acoustic musical vibe, all came from a place of fellowship with the father.. praying that He finds me faithful to his original intent.

The product of our faith and walk with God is good works. It is the essence of our living as children of God on the earth.

I charge you also to align with the father’s will and do Good works or Good deeds wherever you find yourself.

Gospel songs are one of the tools that lead us directly to God. God Almighty loves His Children when they often praise Him.

This song was produced by Rhanis.

Listen, Download, Share & Enjoy Kome Jones – Good Work below:

Lyrics: Kome Jones – Good Work

Talk – The scriptures say we are His workmanship, created unto good works

Verse 1.
Father find me always,
abounding in your good work.
For the rest of my days,
created for your pleasure

I will do, a good work
I will be, a good work
For your honor and glory
Make me a story of good work.

Verse 2.
You’re not looking for perfection,
perfection. Perfection
All you need is my affection.
Affection, affection.

You’re not looking for
credentials, credentials.
All you need is my attention.

I will do, a good work
I will be, a good work
For your honor and glory, I’ll be a story of good work
(Repeat chorus)

You can use anything
You can choose anyone
You can do anything that you desire any day.

I will be anything
I will be the very one
I will yield anything that you require any day
(Repeat bridge)

I will be, a good work
I will do, a good work
For your honor and glory.
It’ll be a story of good work.

(Repeat chorus)
Father finds me always
abounding in your good work.

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